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Augustina Impex Limited comprised of well diverse and experience background in minerals mining, commodity trading and logistics in providing professional services to the client we served.

Augustina Impex Limited is a company formed with the objective of harnessing their resources and potentials in order to tap into the Nigerian Mining and Mineral Processing Industry. Augustina Impex Limited is fast becoming the foremost exploration and mining firm in Nigeria, if not in West Africa. The company controls quite a good amount of Nigeria's metals and minerals with a vast ore reserves and employs over 200 both in mining and field exploration professionals.

Basically, Augustina Impex Limited specializes in the following minerals products:

Manganese Ore (from 35%Mn to 45%Mn)
Lithium Ore (From 5% Li to 12% Li)
Lead Ore (from 10% Pb to 60% Pb)
Zinc Ore (from 20% Zn to 55% Zn)
Copper ore (from 5% Cu to 20% Cu)
Mica (Muscovite and Phlogophite)


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